Circle Time

I was first introduced to this style of circle time my freshman year in highschool. Our choir director had us circle up just like this before big concerts or big events. This is also how we said good-bye at the end of the year.

The memory has faded, and I don't remember exactly what he had us say to one another, but that doesn't really matter. I remember it as being a huge connector for us. As we stood in that circle and looked around, we were a team, as much as any other team in history. The comradery and community were cemented with one more layer of mortar every time we stood in that circle.

When I became a director of my very own little drama club, I knew that I wanted that for these kids too. It's funny now at 18 months in, they gripe about this ritual. One of them always goofs off, or trys to derail a potential serious moment with something HIL-arious. At least one of them will break the circle, or sit down, or get in the way of someone else. But there is always room for one more person, there is always the yell to that one kid who hadn't gotten the message to, "hurry up", and there is always someone willing to hold my hand. ;)

And Boy-Howdy if I ever DON'T call them to circle up. Then I get emails, "Ms. Stacey, we forgot to circle up," "Don't you think we should have circled up?"

It makes me smile. They don't even know that we share this weirdo performance thing. I was their age when an adult knew that this would bond me to my group...I don't know, maybe he had been their age when an adult knew it would bond him to his group. I'm thankful to be able to carry on the tradition.

This is from after our last show, and after all the strike assignments were done, and the cars were loaded. This was just before we all walked out of the theatre en masse, making sure no man was left behind. You can't really hear what I'm saying, but that's okay, you can see their faces.

And that's my favorite part, <3 Ms. Stacey

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