Six Weeks

Coffee Break

It’s so quiet.

As a long time homeschooler, I love the summer. It took me eight or nine years to decide that I wanted a summer vacation for my homeschool. This is our sixth summer vacation and I have never been sorry,even once.

But it is so quiet. It’s 10:00 on a lazy July morning, and I’ve seen one kid who decided she was hungry. I believe the other two are sleeping, having returned just yesterday from a long holiday with friends. If they aren’t sleeping, they are most definitely doing something completely unproductive and probably melting their brains…and I’m okay with that. I addled a few brain cells as a child and I remember those being some of the best days of my life, so addle away my pretties, there are still six weeks of summer.

Six WHOLE weeks…ONLY six weeks left.

I was expecting to do something with Scene & Heard over the summer. Some sort of get together or workshop…something fun that could work into some sort of act or other…maybe get a jump on read-throughs or work on accents or something. But y’know the best part about summer? All those crazy schedules. Mine included. So although we may still pull out a fire pit evening or a barbeque, my big dreams of camps and such will probably have to wait until next year…because there are ONLY SIX WEEKS left to this summer and that means while my kiddos and students vacation, it’s just about time for Ms. Stacey to really get to work planning this next year.

So I have. I’ve been working on the calendar for weeks. And it is NEARLY completely set. If you click on the Events tab above you’ll see a live calendar that shows you the different things our students will be doing this year. There are still a couple of tentative dates that may or may not turn into anything. But the solid stuff is solid.

One of my favorite things about SHPA is how much time we really have to learn. Being a weekly performing arts class gives us some real benefits. We’ve got an entire year to try, and try again. I’ve got time to teach more than just the “show”. Yes, we rehearse and perfect shows for people, but the vast majority of our time is spent helping each cast member hone their skills. We get to work with the same people for several different shows so we get to find the rhythm. All of that stuff takes time.

If not one single tentative date turns into a performance, we still have a wonderful schedule this 2018-2019 School Year. We’ve included some extended rehearsals to help us work on things that just need more time, like musical numbers and student homework. We have a few less solid Boys & Girls Club Performance opportunities, but if we can find the audience, we may perform the Love Show to more facilities this year. And we are planning on 3 show-times for both our Winter and Spring Shows this year. I like to count the number of events that a student could take part in in a year to help me realize the number of chances we get to work on our projects.

In the Fall of 2018, if a student manages to be at SHPA every time the doors are open…there will be 28 events between classes, extra rehearsals, and performances. In the Spring of 2019…there will be 25 events (not counting the Love Shows which WILL happen at least once, but could bring our count to 28). That is a lot of opportunity.

I really can’t wait to meet my cast this year. We have some terrific stuff planned. There will be laugher and tears and memorizing and snacks and music and a little bit of drama.

Mark your calendars, our first class is August 17, 2018. Registration is open now, click Registration in the menu above to save your place for a terrific year.

If you are still on the fence, we are hosting an Open House on Friday, September 7, 2018 for anyone who wants to come and see us do what we do.

ONLY six more weeks until the fun begins...Six WHOLE weeks! <3 Ms. Stacey

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