Learning who we are as a class has been a great process for those of us making the plans. Some of the reasons that we started were based on the frustration of not finding exactly what we, as moms, wanted in the marketplace. Finding our feet and becoming who we think we're meant to be is a weekly journey that isn't over yet.

At the beginning of the year we knew we wanted Volunteer Performance Opportunities to be something that defined us as a group. But when you are first starting out, and you don't have anything rehearsed, and the kids are still pretty nervous, trying to schedule a "SHOW" to take on the road is a little daunting.

We were really blessed to find out about an opportunity that our Homeschool Group has. It's a once a week activity that is held at a local Boys & Girls Club facility and hosted by the different clubs or individual members for anyone in the larger Homeschool Group that wants to go.

Sometimes it's as simple as a play group, at Christmas they used this time to fill a spectacular number of boxes for orphans. So when Scene & Heard was asked if we would like to take on a couple of these dates to provide a fun activity, we said, "YES, once a month, please."

Our timeslot is the first Thursday of the month. I knew this was going to be a burden to some of my cast families because we all have so much to do, so this became a Volunteer Performance Opportunity. Meaning, there is no committment. If you can make it, GREAT, we'll see you there! If you can't, GREAT, we'll see you next week!!

We do most what we do within the timespan of our Thursday. There is no separate rehearsal requirement. If we prepare anything in class, everyone prepares and then we move on.

We try to bring about ten cast members, and there are usually between 10-15 guest cast members (ie kids from the group) that join us for the workshop. It has been so much fun. We plan something simple that can be made into a scene or a part of a show, and then we finish up performing it. We only have about an hour and a half top to bottom, so it's always a little terrifying to see how it's going to go. So far, every single time we've gone the magic of theatre has taken over and we've had something delightful. Most of my cast has been to at least one of these workshops. They get a chance to lead other kids who haven't been working with drama. They get a chance to get to know others from the group that they might not otherwise have met. My favorite part of it is watching the leadership qualities build in even the youngest of my cast as they work with the guest cast members to make something great, and watching the fear fall away as they actually perform for an audience one more time.

See, they don't realize that they are performing. For the most part they're just goofing off with friends. But the more they do it, the less afraid of "the stage" they are. It's one more positive experience to outweigh the fear and pretty soon, performing uncomfortable isn't quite as paralyzing. If you are part of FriscoHIS, you should come out and play with us. We have two more Thursdays this semester, March 1st and April 5th. We'd love to see you there. <3 Ms. Stacey

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