Elements of Muscial Theatre

Elements of Musical Theatre was born out of the recognition that some of our students want a more in-depth study of specific aspects of theatre.  Musical Theatre has been the biggest request since the start of Scene & Heard Performing Arts.    Elements of Musical Theatre will study the art of singing and harmonizing, both from the choral and solo aspects.  We will explore voice and movement, and we will continue learning to analyze scripts and creating characters on a higher level.  


This class will present musical selections in the Winter and Spring Shows.

Elements of Musical Theatre meets most Fridays from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm.  Tuition $45(See Class Fees for Full Details)

If your student continues to SHPA Classic, please provide a sack lunch.

SHPA Classic

A mixed age Theatre Arts class, this is our beginning point to theatre.  We will study various aspects of theatre.  There will be public speaking, stage acting, music, technical theatre, scene preparation, ensemble building, and writing.  This class produces two shows per year, one in the winter and one in the spring and often has volunteer performance opportunities.  It is a broad overview for the beginner and a way to hone and perfect skills for the more advanced student.

SHPA Classic meets most Fridays from 12:30-3:00 pm and will include a snack.  Tuition $45(See Class Fees for Full Details)


Trying to produce two shows a year and still teach anything new requires time.  Every month there will be one extended rehearsal available from 3:00-5:00 pm.  While not required, these monthly extended rehearsals are strongly encouraged so that your cast member has the extra time to practice what we are working on.  

Monthly Extended Rehearsals are posted on our Events Calendar which you will find on the Events Tab above, and will include a more substantial snack in the 3:30 to 4:00 hour.

Show Extended Rehearsals ARE REQUIRED.  We will publish the show rehearsal schedule as soon as possible, depending on the venue, sometimes as late as 4 weeks from Show Date, please be patient with us.

Creating a show is a team effort.  The actors need to work with each other and with their props and blocking, the stagehands need to learn to change the stage, tech design needs to know what to expect at any venue we might go to.  Please make sure to contact the director with any conflicts AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.