As experienced homeschool moms, we know how hard it is to supply all of the opportunities we want our kids to have.


After Stacey was divorced, she found it more and more difficult to afford the electives that her kids wanted to take. Between high entrance fees and waiting lists that just never seemed to free up, she struggled to find places for her kids to learn how to practice performance as a skill so that they could share their talents with others.


Amy has had her talented children in several successful theatre groups, but she also began to notice a need for weekly classes that taught performance arts skills like those drama classes many of us took in public high school.


Stacey and Amy, along with two other wonderful moms, started Scene & Heard Performing Arts as a ministry of FriscoHIS in August of 2017 and are still involved in our Back Office and Volunteer ministries respectively. 

As way has lead on to way, we have met people who have and will continue to shape our future.  Tammara Wright actually volunteered to tech our very first show, before she knew us and before her kids were a part of SHPA.  Over the last year (2018-2019) she has been a co-director and co-teacher with EMT and SHPA Classic.  With Tammara, we got far more than we bargained for.  She is a Classically Trained Vocalist with experience in Opera, Musical Theatre, Voiceovers, and Jingles. Over the past 3 decades, she has been a member of several Theatre Companies and has performed on stages from Coast to Coast.  Tammara has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Theatre from Western Michigan University, an Associate’s of Fine Arts from Bay de Noc College, and over 12 years of private training for Vocal Performance for Soprano.  She is also a member of SAG-AFTRA.  Now her passion is mentoring and encouraging the next generation in finding their voice and pursuing their goals and dreams.  Tammara will be stepping into the Director and Lead teacher role this fall (2019-2020) and we can't wait to see where she leads us.


SHPA has always been much more a class than a club. We meet weekly and teach young performers what it means to overcome their fears and find their own place in the world through theatre.  Our students learn that the way to become good at a thing is to try, and to learn, and to try again.  SHPA is a place where we can learn everything that it takes to put on a show…together…and then take those shows to people who need them. Making connections with our hearts through our passion for performance.

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